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    What's EventNook?

    EventNook is a self-managed online event registration & ticketing software that allows event organizers and event planners to create an event registration site and ticketing in minutes. With EventNook, you can set up your event registration page and ready to sell tickets in a couple of minutes. You can manage all of your event registrations, attendees, promotions and payments collection under your control.

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    What types of events are supported?

    Any events which require managing registration or selling tickets for event admission!

    For example: Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Corporate events, Training, Classes, Fundraisers, Meet up/Networking, Social events/Parties, Sports and races, Art galleries, Performances, Festivals and Religious events, etc

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    Can I use eventnook to organize free events?

    Yes, absolutely.

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    Can I use eventnook to sell tickets for my event?

    Yes, absolutely.

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    Can I create multiple ticket types?

    Yes. You can create multiple ticket types and set different prices, quantity available, etc. for each ticket type. For example, 2 Days Conference Admission, VIP ticket, Member Ticket, Non-Member Ticket, Early Bird Rate Ticket, etc.

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    What are the payment methods available to sell tickets?

    1. Online credit card payment with PayPal
    2. Offline Payment - Check, Bank Transfer, Onsite (cash)

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    Can I create discount codes for event promotion?

    Yes, you can create discount codes to do tactical promotion for your event. The discount codes can by created by the following rules:
    1. Discount by amount or percentage
    2. Group discount by limiting minimum quantity purchased on the selected tickets.
    2. Discount by time period.

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    How does eventnook allow group registration?

    When you create a ticket, you can choose an option to specify minimum and maximum quantity of tickets selection per order. If ticket buyers select multiple quantity for a ticket, the site will automatically populate the forms for each attendee details to be filled in.

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    How do I set a ticket price for early bird rate?

    A ticket can be created with a start date and end date option. With this option, you can sell tickets for early bird promotion.

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    Can I customize registration form to collect attendees' details?

    Yes, EventNook allows you to easily customize the registration form with drag and drop options to add or remove form fields.

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    What's the cost for using EventNook?

    EventNook is FREE to join and it offers FREE for organizing FREE events as well. We charge a small cut (2.5% of ticket fee + $0.30 per ticket) only when you made ticket sales. If you use PayPal to sell tickets with online credit card payment, there will be a separate charge from PayPal for each transaction. For more information, please check out our pricing.

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