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Monday, May 11, 2015, 09:00 am - Thursday, May 14, 2015, 05:00 pm

Innovation Centre, NTU, 16 Nanyang Dr, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, , , Singapore



and this time it's going to be BIGGER AND BETTER. 

 The HTML5 Mobile App Development Boot Camp - Touted by industry leaders and technology visionaries as the new wave of web and app development, we bring to you the flagship programme, HTML BOOT CAMP.

This is THE programme where you can acquire the skill sets and web competency capabilities in a revolutionary programming platform.  Develop your own high quality application and even better, start your own niche company in the interactive digital media space.


We welcome anyone who is interested in designing, creating and deploying HTML5 web and mobile applications.

The Boot Camp in May 2015 will focus on MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT and this year's session promises to be bigger and better! Learn more about HTML5 gaming from Soumya Deb and other experts like Nick Desaulniers and Kaustav Das Modak. Register for the HTML5 Boot Camp NOW!

Starts:   Monday, 11 May 2015
Ends:     Thursday, 14 May 2015
Time:     9.00 am to 5.00 pm daily
Venue:   Theatre @ The Nest, Innovation Centre, NTU
Course Fees:  
S$480 for public (including NTU Alumni)
S$50 for current students and NTUitive incubatees and start-ups

* Fees include meals (2 tea sessions and 1 lunch) for all 4 days of Boot Camp.  
* All participants attaining at least 75% attendance will be awarded a Certificate of Participation by Mozilla and NTUitive.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:
• Use HTML5 animation and CSS3 transitions
• Script with JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks and techniques, e.g. jQuery Mobile
• Integrate Web Services in the app 
• Use selected/appropriate Web APIs to create mobile mashups 
• Big data and cloud integration (mobile backend-as-a-service)

Course Contents

Day 1 - HTML, CSS and JavaScript Basics

Section 1: Getting Started
• Course introduction
• Course software
• What is a HTML and HTML5?
• Getting started with tags
• How to run web pages
• Viewing your web pages

Section 2: HTML Basics
• Doctype, head, body, css links, script include,basic layout
• How to validate markup

Section 3: CSS Basics 
• Inline vs block elements 
• Positioning: static, relative, absolute, fixed 
• Box model: margin, border, padding 
• Float, clear,overflow  

Section 4: JavaScript Basics - making your page dynamic
• Basic grammar: Functions, Variables, Conditions and so on 
• Window.onload event 
• Responding to user input events
• How to manipulate page and browser using JS

Section 5: Introduction of Tools
• How to inspect html/css/box model using the inspector 
• Using console.log and breakpoint for debugging javascript 
• Examining network requests (for ajax and external resources)

Hands-on Lab


Day 2 - HTML5 and CSS3

Section 1: Introducing HTML5 
• Storage
• Offline
• File Access 
• Web Workers
• Communication
• Web Sockets

• Server Sent Events

• WebRTC
• WebAPI

• Q&A

Section 2: Introducing CSS3 
• Selectors
• Border Radius
• Text Effects
• Web Fonts
• Background
• Animations
• Flex-boxs

• Media Queries

Section 3: Canvas and SVG
• Web Graphics Programming Considerations
• Graphic Tools and Libraries
• Scalable Vector Graphics
• Markup and Capabilities
• The SVG Schema
• Canvas 2D
• Drawing lines, squares, circles

• Pictures, Sprites, and Animations

• Canvas 3D (WebGL) - Today and Tomorrow

Section 4: Audio and Video
• The State of the Codecs
• Current Browser Support
• Playing Audio Files
• Preload, Controls, Autoplay, Loop, and More
• Playing Video Files
• MIME Types
• Encoding Media Files
• Advanced Controls and Events

• Cool Library

Hands-on Lab


Day 3 - Single Page Apps

Section 1: Introduction to Single Page Apps 
• What is a single page app, how does it differ from traditional web
• What are the components of single page apps
• What are the popular open source frameworks for single page apps

Section 2: HTML5 Communication Technologies
• Ajax vs WebSockets vs Server Sent Events vs TCP vs UDP (HTML5 Raw Sockets proposal, TCP is in FxOS)
• Integrating the server into single page apps

Hands-on Lab


Day 4 - Develop Your Web App or Mobile App

Section 1: What is a Firefox OS web app?
• Anatomy of Firefox OS app (manifest, html, resources)
• How does a Firefox app differ from Andriod/iOS app
• How does a Firefox app differ from regular web page
• Hardware APIs
Web payments
• Works offline

Section 2: How to build and deploy a Firefox OS web app
• Tools
• Test in Firefox Responsive Design tools
• B2G-Desktop/Simulator/App Manager
• On Device
• Deploying to Marketplace

Hands-on Lab


End of Bootcamp


  • You should have basic knowledge and familarity of working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Please read through the programme objectives and contents above carefully to assess if the programmes are appropriate for you before signing up.
  • This bootcamp is for students or developers who are interested in designing, creating and deploying HTML5 web and mobile applications.
  • Once you have signed up and made payment for the programmes, absolutely no refund will be entertained.


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