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Education Franchise Seminar

Brought to you by Htwo Education Holdings

Saturday, Jun 20, 2015, 04:30 pm

Htwo Education Holdings HQ, 697 East Coast Road #02-00, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
Looking for an education franchise but unsure of the type of educational service (tuition, enrichment, childcare, infant care, etc.) you would like to dive into? Come to us, because we are the experts!
A seminar not to be missed by entrepreneurs who are interested in shaping our educational landscape!
You are cordially invited to join Htwo Education Holdings for our annual Franchise Seminar 2015:

This event provides an opportunity to mingle with fellow entrepreneurs, whilst to find out 

- What does it entail to take up an education franchise?

- What types of education franchises are there and what are the differences?

- Why should I take up an education franchise?

Details of the workshops are as follows - 

Date : 17, 18, 19, 20 & 27 June 2015

Venue : 697 East Coast Road #02-00 (Beside Singapore Pools)

It’s complimentary for you and your friend. Register now!

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