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Mobile Monday Yangon 2014 August

A Tale of two markets - Localizing for Myanmar

Monday, Aug 25, 2014, 06:30 pm

Pepperoni Pizzeria Yangon, Union Business Center, Nat Mauk Street, Yangon Myanmar

A Tale of Two Markets — Localizing for Myanmar

What happens when foreign companies come to Myanmar? “Localizing” is a big buzzword, but what exactly does it entail?

For the month of August, we have smartphone companies sharing their stories about localizing for Myanmar. What are the similarities, and what differences were there? What lessons can regional and international businesses in mobile and in other industries draw from their experiences?

We are delighted to welcome Samsung to August’s Mobile Monday Yangon to speak on everything they know about localization, from team-building to device optimization.



“A Tale of Two Markets — Localizing for Myanmar”

- “Taste of Myanmar: Tweaking for Local Tastebuds” by Samsung


Venue        : Peperoni, Union Business Centre, Nat Mauk Street, Yangon, Myanmar

Time          : 6.30PM (25th Aug 2014)

Dress Code: Smart Casual


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