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ROS-Industrial Developer's Training - Basic and/or Advanced Training Banner Image

ROS-Industrial Developer's Training - Basic and/or Advanced Training

ROS-Industrial Training

Monday, Aug 27, 2018, 03:00 pm - Thursday, Aug 30, 2018, 05:00 pm

JTC CleanTech Two Cleantech Loop Singapore, 3 Cleantech Loop, Singapore Singapore

VM & Laptop Configuration Check: Mon 27 Aug:  3pm - 5pm (Mandatory)

Day 1, Tue 28 Aug: 9am - 5pm

Day 2, Wed 29 Aug: 9am - 5pm

Day 3, Thurs 30 Aug: 9am - 5pm


**Costs included Lunch, morning & afternoon tea for training days. 

Advanced Topics

Day 4, Fri 31 Aug: 9am - 5pm


For the detailed agenda please see below:


Note upon registration you are required to ensure that you have a laptop that has either

1. Native Ubuntu 16.04 and ROS Kinetic installed and you have downloaded the training material here


2. If it's a windows / Apple laptop you are running VM and have downloaded the training material here.


Prerequisites: Linux/Ubuntu familiarity, C++ experience and a desire to program robots!



ROS-Industrial AP Consortium Members:

The training is FREE for Basic Training (Day 1-3) up to:

  • Three attendees for Full Consortium ROS-I AP Members
  • Two attendees for Associate Consortium ROS-I AP Members
  • One attendee for Research Consortium ROS-I AP Members


For Basic & Advanced Training (Day 1-4)

  • Member SGD200




  • Non-Member (Singapore Registered Participan) SGD 750
  • Non-Member (Overseas) SGD 850
  • Non-Member (Student/Staff registered Singapore Institute of Higher Learning) SGD 650


For Basic & Advanced Training (Day 1-4)

  • Non-Member (Singapore Registered Participant) SGD 950
  • Non-Member (Overseas) SGD 1100
  • Non-Member (Student/Staff registered Singapore Institute of Higher Learning) SGD 770


For non-members, government members, or for seats in excess of your limit, the training is per attendee. Space for the training is limited and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Curriculum: Link to the Wiki


VM & Ubuntu Check Monday 27Aug 3pm - 5pm (MANDATORY):

Please view the PC setup requirements here: http://ros-industrial.github.io/industrial_training/_source/setup/PC-Setup---ROS-Kinetic.html

Poor/slow VM performance can negatively affect your learning experience. Trainers will be available  to verify correct VM installation and to update the VM with any last-minute curriculum changes. A limited number of pre-configured “loaner” laptops will be prepared as a contingency.


1. ROS-Industrial Developers Training (3 Days)

The three-day developers class is geared toward individuals with a C++ programming background:

 Day 1 focuses on introductory ROS skills:

o ROS Setup, Catkin, Installing Packages

o Break

o Creating Packages/Nodes, Topics, Messages

o Lunch

o Services, Actions

o Break

o Launch Files, Parameter

Day 2

o URDF, Workcell XACRO

o Break

o TF, Build a MoveIt! Package

o Lunch

o Motion Planning Using Rviz, C++

o Break

o Introduction to Descartes Path Planning

o Introduction to Perception

Day 3

o Day 1 & 2 Recap

o Break

o Lab Introduction, Labs (1) Pick and Place Application – Simulation Only, (2) Descartes

Application using UR10

o Lunch

o Work on Lab Applications



Advanced Topics (additional cost)

Day 4 ** Note extra payment is required for this session

o Advanced Topic Introduction (1) Path Planning, (2) Perception (including Python node** New Training material)

o Break

o Advanced Topics in Descartes Path Planning

o Lunch

o Advanced Topics in Perception