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RI DSA-Sec Sports Trials Selection Banner Image

RI DSA-Sec Sports Trials Selection

Wednesday, Jun 19, 2019, 06:00 pm - Wednesday, Jul 3, 2019, 06:00 pm

Actual Trial Day Registration: Yusolf Ishak Blk, LT 1 (5 & 6 Jul) or Albert Hong Hall (12 & 13 Jul), Enter via Gate 3, One Raffles Institution Lane, , , Singapore

Dear applicants,


Please choose your trial date(s) based on your selected domains under MOE DSA system.

If you opted for:

  1. 2 RI sports domains, please ensure the dates chosen do not clash.
  2. 1 Academic domain and 1 Sport domain, please do not choose a sports trial date that falls on 6 July 2019 as it is the day of Academic DSA Selection Test for shortlisted applicants.
    • Academic applicants will receive an email on 28 June 2019, 6pm to inform if they are shortlisted.


A gentle reminder to choose ONLY 1 trial date for each sports domain.


If you book 2 trial dates for 1 sports domain in 1 single order, we will cancel all selected dates indicated under your NRIC and inform you via email to book your trial date(s) again.


***If you wish to change your trial date, please re-register via the same method again (you will be given a different order no.) and email us in the following format at admissions@ri.edu.sg so we can assist you in the cancellation.

Please ensure the order numbers you provide us are accurate.

Correct Order No.: #_____________

Wrong Order No.: #______________


We will not be able to change your trial date(s) after the online closing date, 3 July 2019, 6pm.


We strongly encourage you to indicate your preferred slot as early as you can.


Thank you and we look forward meeting you during the trials!


Best regards,

RI Admissions