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SkillsFuture SG x CNA : Power Hour with SkillsFuture Fellows Banner Image

SkillsFuture SG x CNA : Power Hour with SkillsFuture Fellows

Tuesday, Jul 16, 2019 - Thursday, Jul 18, 2019

The Cube, Asia Square Tower 1, Singapore, 8 Marina View, Singapore, , Singapore

Join us at our lunchtime workshops, with three recipients of the SkillsFuture Fellowships* as they share their knowledge and skills:

  • 16 July - Ms Bernadette Chua on "Growth Mindset for Personal and Professional Success"
  • 17 July - Mr Raven Chai on "Applying UX to Everyday Life"
  • 18 July - Ms Fatimah Binte Mohsin on "Turning Passion into Business“

#Lunch is included for all sessions.

* CNA is the official media partner of the SkillsFuture Fellowships, which honour individuals as masters of skills and mentors of future talent. For more information, check out skillsfuture.sg/fellowships.

You can now sign up for the individual workshops according to your interest!


Day One : 16th July 2019, Tuesday

Time : 12.15pm - 1.15pm

Topic : Growth Mindset for Personal and Professional Success

As babies, we do not stop learning to crawl, to stand and to walk because we decide it is too hard and not worth the effort. We fall; we get up and barge forward.

What had happened to the once “fearless, can-do” attitude for some of us as we grow up? Why do some people thrive in the face of challenging circumstances while others buckle at their first setback?

So how do we reignite this “fearless, can-do” attitude in an increasingly changing world?

Through this interactive session, participants will gain an understanding of the growth mindset and explore strategies to be growth minded for greater personal and professional success.

Speaker : Ms Bernadette Chua

Director, Dream Catalyst Pte Ltd

Profile of Speaker : Bernadette is a Business Culture Architect who believes that people and culture are vital parts of business value creation.  

A certified Practising Consultant and Enterprise Singapore SkillsFuture Mentor, she is committed to building successful business cultures. She journeys with progressive business leaders and their teams to shape enterprise of the future.


Day Two : 17th July 2019, Wednesday

Time : 12.15pm - 1.15pm

Topic : Applying User Experience (UX) to Everyday Life

In this fun-filled interactive session, we will explore the concept of human-centered design principles that affects our everyday life. Participants will undergo a series of discussions and hands-on exercises to 'design' our relationships to one another and the wider systems of which we are a part. 

Speaker :Mr Raven Chai

Founder, Principal Consultant UX Consulting Pte Ltd

Profile of Speaker :

Raven started his career in the emerging field of User Experience (UX), and is the founder of a local UX community. He travels to learn from global experts, and trains and inspires young practitioners and lecturers in the field of UX. He has also co-developed a strucutured mentorship programme with industry peers.


Day Three : 18th July 2019, Thursday

Time : 12.15pm - 1.15pm

Topic : Turning Passion into Business

An icon in the local bridal industry, Fatimah will be sharing her entrepreneurial journey and what are the essential skills to build a successful start-up.

Participants will also be treated to a “live” make-up tutorial suited for the working professionals!

Speaker :Ms Fatimah Binte Mohsin

Fatimah Mohsin The Wedding Gallery Pte Ltd

Profile of Speaker : Starting out as a visual merchandiser and make-up artist, Fatimah Mohsin is now a savvy businesswoman who runs two businesses in weddings and homeware retail, and is even expanding overseas.

She is an icon in the local bridal industry since establishing Fatimah Mohsin The Wedding Gallery in 2002.More recently, the savvy mother of two ventured into the home décor with her new home furnishing brand, PropUpStore