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The ABC of Digital Talent: Workshop Series

Monday, Mar 19, 2018, 06:30 pm
Amazon Web Services @ Capital Square 23 Church Street, Singapore, , Singapore

I have attended a GITSG event before. Does that make me a member?

Thank you for being part of our community! Here's how to make sure you are a member:

  • YES you are a member - if you are receiving emails from us (search from: Girls in Tech Singapore)
  • How to be a member - click HERE to join and subscribe to our newsletter
  • All members will receive our newsletter, packed full of news and first look at our events, content and perks - like AWS credits to purchase products and services (check for our promo code to redeem!)

Why should I attend all 6 sessions?

We have designed the content and workshop series so that you have:

  • some foundational understanding of AWS services
  • guidance to learn how to use AI with Amazon products
  • hands-on training and support to design with AI for your next amazing app
  • enough time between each set of 2 classes every month (from Feb to Apr)

If you cannot make all the sessions - not a problem. However, only those who complete all 6 sessions will qualify for a full refund on their ticket price.


What equipment/items do I need for the workshop sessions?

You should be ready before each lesson starts with:

  • laptop and charger cable - each session is 2.5 hours long
  • Full AWS Educate account - step by step guide HERE 

Please note that if you do not have an AWS Educate account OR do not have a full AWS Educate account on the day of the first workshop session - we will not be able to admit you nor refund your ticket.


Do I need to complete a project or build a product to complete/pass the workshop series?

No - you just need to attend all 6 sessions, and try your best. We'll give you a certificate of completion when you do!

If you are an entrepreneur or have a project in mind with the series -  the last session is meant to help you brainstorm and design with what you've learnt for any of your intended apps or ideas, followed by sharing with the group afterwards.


What is the members-only promo code?

The promo code is made available through 2 methods:

  • All attendees of the ABC of Digital Talent event on 23 January 2018 have received it
  • All GITSG members will receive it on or by Tuesday 21 February 2018 via email

If you are a member and do not receive the promo - please reach out to the organiser to verify your signup or membership.


How do I make sure I have the required basic understanding of IT?

We're here to help! See the table for recommended viewing and learning before the workshop series.

Disclaimer: while all videos are free to view, please note that courses referenced may require you to sign up for an account and/or pay for membership on the platform.


Computer Science Playlist 

Crash Course - YouTube

 40 videos - 12 mins each

approx. 8 hours total

 Computer Science 101 

Stanford University - learning platform

 4 weeks - 4 hours each



The History of Computer Storage

Techquickie - YouTube

 6 mins

Introduction to Storage 

Udemy - learning platform

14 lectures

approx. 1.5 hours total


What are Databases?

LinkedIn Learning Solutions - YouTube

8 mins 

Introduction to Databases

(Stanford University - learning platform)

3 lectures

approx. 30 mins total


How to learn to code

CS Dojo - YouTube

5 videos 

approx. 57 mins total

Programming - Course by language

Codecademy - learning platform



Cloud computing

Cloud computing for business

CS50 by Harvard - YouTube

 approx 1 hour 2 mins total

Learning Cloud Computing

LinkedIn Learning Solutions -

learning platform

 1 hour 4 mins total