The a cappella extravaganza you don't want to miss!
Saturday, Sep 24, 2016, 07:00 pm - Sunday, Sep 25, 2016, 09:30 pm
SCO Concert Hall 7 Shenton Way, Singapore, , Singapore

Registration Details

Please register your interest for festival workshops at: https://goo.gl/forms/AqkAdHnk3Z3SRX7k1

For Private Masterclasses & Workshops, contact: akafest@d-aca.org

Trainer Bios

Trainer Bio (Deke Sharon) | Trainer Bio (Zerafina Zara)

Festival Workshop Schedule



  • Per Topic: As listed above
  • Full Day Participant: $65
  • Full Day Audience: $50
  • Half Day Participant: $50
  • Half Day Audience: $30

Note: 20% off for all NSFs/Students

Details of Workshop Topics

Topics @ TAS, 51 Waterloo Street (25/9 8.30 am - 12.30 pm)

The Masterclass

The most popular workshop format is the Masterclass – a group performs for all the attendees, and then our clinician works with the group. All styles and levels of groups are welcome to perform as part of the masterclass, as the topics covered relate to groups and singers universally. We can work with more than one group in a masterclass session, provided we have a minimum of 20 minutes with each group.

Expertise Level: Any                                               Trainer: Deke Sharon

Improving Tuning / Blend

From an understanding of the fundamental elements of sound and how they combine and align into a perfectly tuned chord through a series of exercises, learn how you and your group can maximize your sound without compromising the energy and impact of your performance.

Expertise Level: Beginner / Intermediate       Trainer: Deke Sharon

A Cappella Beyond Graduation - a Starter Kit

Enjoyed singing a cappella in school, but leaving school soon? Interested in singing beyond school, and perhaps going pro some day? 

There’s no need to learn the hard way! Learn to start a group,  from conceptualization through your first performance - we can tell you the best way to find members, run auditions, structure your group, build a quick repertoire, and start performing. Also, get tips on how to put together a quick press kit for gig promotion, and work out the business aspects of an a cappella group.

Expertise Level: Beginner / Intermediate                 Trainer: Deke Sharon


Topics at SCH Rehearsal Studio (25/9 2 pm - 6 pm)

Solo Delivery

Singing a solo is more than just technique. It involves an understanding of the material, emotional commitment, the support of your ensemble. Bring the lyrics for a solo to this workshop, and we’ll analyze, discuss, and practice being “in the moment” when you sing.

Expertise Level: Any                                               Trainer: Zerafina Zara

Move Your Group, Move Your Audience 

Do you find performance staging challenging? Are you having trouble maintaining energy and pitch control once you add choreography? Would you love to figure out some better stage movement and choreography for you group? Does your group just ‘park and bark’ or do your performances gain you instant new fans?

Let our resident movement coach unlock the secrets to help move your group to the next level. Whether you measure success by trophies, musical excellence, or a growing fan base, Zerafina will share her trade secrets with you to take your performance from awkward to aca-awesome!

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to make choices for your group about use of stage space and movement to amplify meaning in your songs.
  • Discover tools you can apply across a variety of songs for your group.
  • Improve your awareness of how your body affects your voice and expression
  • Build your performance confidence and range of choices in a fun environment.
  • Improve the expression in your singing through your body and use of stage space.
  • Extend your group blocking vocabulary beyond ‘semi circle’ and ‘two rows’.

Expertise Level: Any                                               Trainer: Zerafina Zara


Topics at SCH Exhibition Hall (25/9 2 pm - 6 pm)

Introduction to Contemporary A Cappella

What is "Contemporary A Cappella," and where did it come from? Learn about the current scene by tracing the roots of pop a cappella from chant and madrigals through a dizzying array of traditions including barbershop and doo-wop, with a look (and listen) at how all previous styles have influenced the contemporary sound. (this seminar requires audio playback: speakers and an 1/8th inch cable)

Expertise Level: Beginner                                     Trainer: Deke Sharon

Styles and Sounds / Vocal Instrumentation

Contemporary a cappella is known for the use of vocal percussion to mimic the drums. But what about the rest of the band? Deke is known to be one of the pioneers of instrument mimicry in contemporary a cappella music – electric guitar, trumpet, muted trumpet, and the harmonica – these are but a few of the instrument sounds in Deke’s arsenal. Learn not only how to make these sounds, but also get ideas on when and where to use them.

Expertise Level: Beginner / Intermediate               Trainer: Deke Sharon

Beginning Vocal Percussion

One of the most notable elements of contemporary a cappella, vocal percussion has become an essential element in presenting a dynamic, current sound with nothing but voices. Learn the fundamentals of this skill, weaving together bass drum, snare and high hat to provide a compelling groove, and begin to explore some additional sounds like cymbals, shakers, and wood blocks.

Expertise Level: Beginner                                     Trainer: Deke Sharon