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Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards Banner Image

Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards

Friday, Jan 26, 2018 -

TBC Singapore


The Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards recognise and honour sustainability reporting leaders in Asia. The Awards celebrate best practices in sustainability reporting and communications.

The Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards are a once-in-a-year opportunity for all types of organisations to build trust and awareness amongst their stakeholders by showcasing their corporate social responsibility initiatives through.

An independent panel of judges with distinguished backgrounds will judge the entries to decide the winners. The Awards are being offered in 15 categories including Asia’s Best Sustainability Report, Asia’s Best Integrated Report, Asia’s Best Sustainability Report (SME) and Asia’s Best Carbon Disclosure.

Whether you are a small organisation or a large conglomerate, the Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards are your once-in-a-year opportunity to build trust and awareness amongst your stakeholders by showcasing your corporate social responsibility initiatives. Be part of the Awards and inspire the world!



The Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards are open to all kinds of periodic sustainability reporting by all types of organisations in Asia. The types of reports eligible for the awards include:

  • Annual Sustainability Report / Annual CSR Report
  • Integrated Report
  • CSR Communication within an Annual Report
  • UNGC Communication on Progress
  • Online CSR or Sustainability Communication (i.e. Company website or micro-site)
  • Any other type of sustainability disclosure or communication publicly disclosed and available.

Entries will be accepted for the most recent report published by an organisation.



An organisation may submit entries for multiple categories*. The following categories are open for entry:

1. Asia’s Sustainability Report of the Year** (Entry not required)

2. Asia’s Best Sustainability Report (Stand-alone)

3. Asia’s Best Sustainability Report within an Annual Report

4. Asia’s Best Integrated Report

5. Asia’s Best First Time Sustainability Report

6. Asia’s Best Sustainability Report (SME)

7. Asia’s Best CSR Communication within Annual Report

8. Asia’s Best Online CSR Communication

9. Asia’s Best Materiality Reporting

10. Asia’s Best Stakeholder Reporting

11. Asia’s Best Carbon Disclosure

12. Asia’s Best Supply Chain Reporting

13. Asia’s Best Community Reporting

14. Asia’s Best Workplace Reporting

15. Asia’s Best Environmental Reporting

16. Asia’s Most Transparent Report

*Descriptions of each category can be found on the Top Categories tab at www.csrworks.com
**Asia’s Sustainability Report of the Year is the highest honour and will be presented as the Judges’ Choice. Separate entry for this category is not required. All entries received for all other categories will automatically be considered for this very top honour. JUDGING


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