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Crowdfunding Asia Festival - BOLD2015 Banner Image

Crowdfunding Asia Festival - BOLD2015

Spirit of LIVE Crowdfnding a Global GAME – Better, Difference & Greater!

Tuesday, Nov 10, 2015, 01:00 pm - Thursday, Nov 12, 2015, 09:00 pm

State Land @ Bras Basah Road (00674Mpts TS11) Singapore

Time Table

3 days of LIVE Crowdfunding Programme

Hear the pitcher from Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and who knows where; come fund them and support their passion and vision. Help them realize their goals and make a difference by contributing $10 and above via donation or rewards on www.sinwattana.com Asia SAAS Crowdfunding Engine - EMPOWER Crowd!





1300hrs – Opening & Live Crowdfunding Starts!

1309hrs – Global Game, Crowdfunding Empowers YOU! – Jonathan Medved, Our Crowd, CEO

1330hrs – of “Strategy on Economic and Social Development through Crowdfunding”. Ms Methini Thempani, Prime Minister Office of Thailand.

1400hrs – Can entrepreneurship be taught? Mr Melvin Tan Wei Yang, CEO, Equal Assets

1430hrs – LIVE Crowdfunding & Networking

1530hrs to 1800hrs – Pitch Perfect, 3 mins PITCH is all they have to convince the audience and visitors why they should be funded. Your presence as Pitch Supporter will make significant difference in their venture in their journey. Your encouragement will means tremendous.

Pitcher featured:

- Laditta, Inderr, Sinwattana, C-Hitech, QueQ, GoYeppey, BlixPop, Natural Cloth Indonesia, AKJ, Sushi & More and The Sound Key.

Panel Commentator - Jonathan Medved - OurCrowd, CEO and Andrew Dix - Crowdfundinsidie, Co Founder and CEO

1900hrs Light Festival Celebrations to close the day!



1100hrs – Recap on progress LIVE Crowdfunding

1110hrs – “Indonesia’s experience on developing SMART Technopark & where Crowdfunding support Technopreneurs!” – Dr Ir Iwan Sudrajat, Director of Center for Technology Diffusion Policy Assessment Center, BPPT,  Agency For The Assessment And Application Of Technology

1145hrs – Crowdfunding success & failure. Leon Leong, Co-Founder, TravisLeon Watch Company and HongSin Kwek, Crowdfunding Asia creator.  

1230hrs – Live Crowdfunding rally… Pitcher are highly encourage to be creative with their strategy…

1600hrs – Pitch Perfect - LIVE Pitch from Startups/Social Entrepreneurs and more. They serve not only the youth but also the seniors, they came to demonstrate age is just numbers, there is just no limit to possibility, their commitment deserves to be praise and acknowledged

Pitcher featured: 
- Ageless Online, 34 Jewels, Checkouts, ChariGo, Clickstudio, Dime, Digidu, Green Portal, Qunli Animation, 

Panel Commentator - Dennis - Naisse, CEO, Chai Kok Young - MB9, CEO

1800hrs – Networking and Exchange

1900hrs - Closed





1100hrs – Recap on progress LIVE Crowdfunding

1110hrs – Singapore FinTech Innovation in a collaborative, open and transparent manner  - Singapore Fintech Consortium, Gerben Visser, Co-founder and Managing Partner

1140hrs – Trending of Crowdfunding surpass average VC investment in this disruptive space. Do VC views Crowdfunding as competition or complementary partner? (TBC)

1300hrs – Crowdfunding on the BlockChain, Roberto Capodieci.

1330hrs – Youth Committee of CFA – what’s my vision? Moderated by HongSin, Kwek.

1500hrs – Pitch Perfect, you want to meet the final batch of Pitchers and as well to see the rest on showcase. You want to support them and see them succeed for they have that deep passion of what it takes to hit the note$. Your contribution of being their Pitch Supporter means tremendous. 

Pitcher featured:

- Ministry of Rojak, Nanotech Herbal, Wittee, BloodBank, Siam Banana, Tatini's, SousChef, Travez, Get Kaset, TCM and JuicyLicks.

Panel Commentator - Sox Lim - Asiaworks Training and Gerben Visser - Singapore FinTech Consortium. 

1730hrs – Finale and announcement of top LIVE Crowdfunded startup/business; two tickets, twin sharing to next Crowdfunding Asia Summit/Festival. Network and celebrate the first LIVE Crowdfunding closure.

1900hrs – See you in next Festival! Deepest Gratitude to all your support