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Crowdfunding Asia - Singapore Summit

Global Crowdfunding Starts HERE
Monday, Nov 9, 2015, 08:00 am
Marina Bay Sands Convention 10 Bayfront Ave, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Select..., Singapore

Global Crowdfunding starts HERE!

Let’s value history on what motivates me to drive crowdfunding in Asia. The constant questions of where is Asia in the world and who are leaders of innovations and inventions kept me on my toes; just like the curiosity of whether if speed of light is still measured as the fastest? The answer since 2011 is possibly not as an international team of scientists said that they had recorded subatomic particles traveling faster than the speed of light — a finding that could overturn one of Albert Einstein's long-accepted fundamental laws of the universe. Industry needs new mindset and creative skill to value this change in the disruptive technology era. It inject new possibilities and forces change in the traditional field as the CROWD call for it. So is FUNDING! Is the traditional financial option the only or best way? The answer is obvious.

Phoenixict™ Pte Ltd was established in 2013 with the focus on driving CrowdWISDOM, a blue ocean strategy to serve this competitive business field where resources means strategy and bullets to win. Appreciating the web trending and believing the future of data economy, Phoenixict™ set sight on CrowdSOURCING and CrowdFUNDING. 


To date, we have ran numerous workshops, focus group discussions, forums or big summit attended by hundreds of people in all industries. With daily feedback via mails or our social media, we received all kinds of request from social issues to business matters to driving country initiatives.

Crowdfunding researched data projected more than double growth from 2014 of USD16.2billion by Massolution is US34.4billion worldwide. These are the figures from Massolution’s highly anticipated 2015CF – Crowdfunding Industry Report. The strong growth in 2014 was Asian crowdfunding volumes grew by 320 percent, to $3.4 billion raised. That puts the region slightly ahead of Europe ($3.26 billion) as the second-biggest region by crowdfunding volume. North America continued to lead the world in crowdfunding volumes, growing by 145 percent and raising a total of $9.46 billion.


We have every reason to “advocate, promote, evangelize and educate” the Crowd due to market demand for content and a platform to draw bonding for all who views crowdfunding beyond just a financial tool – CrowdFunding Asia™ Summit ( Schedule of the entire 2015 can be found on the website and it have shown the hunger of shaping Crowdfunding in Asia. It can only happen because you see it possible. Everyone is learn to attain a global platform to drive collaborative effort, co-create innovation, commercialize research and integrate people to offer alternatives to serve the growing concern on funding. Having good governance, leadership, social engagement will definitely address sustainability.

This summit will marks the launch of Crowdfunding Asia Association officially with anchored sponsors, influential members and strategic alliances to evolve the conversation of Power of One!
One plus many come together to support their respective fields and learning new rope of leveraging on crowdfunding to shape and democratizes capitalism. We are want to be aware that it is not a replacement to any current funding option rather it is being acknowledged as “robust alternative to those who dare live their dream”.


I sincerely invite you to be one of game changer to sponsor our work and contribute your expertise to create a greater world. Your commitment, our conviction;

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