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Diamond Cutter Public Talk 2019 Banner Image

Diamond Cutter Public Talk 2019

Victory Over Anger

Thursday, Jun 13, 2019, 07:15 pm - 09:45 pm

MES THEATER AT MEDIACORP, 1 Stars Avenue, , , Singapore


Topic: Victory Over Anger - You Will Never Get Upset Again

Topic: 战胜愤怒 - 不再心烦意乱

Speaker: GESHE MICHAEL ROACH 格西 麦克罗区

Date: 13th June 2019 (7:15pm - 9:45 pm)

Venue: MES THEATER AT MEDIACORP - 1 Stars Avenue, Singapore 138507

It takes less than five minutes to get angry with someone and say some hurtful words, but this person can remember it for the rest of their life. Anger is the most destructive force in the world: it can ruin a marriage, break-up a family, collapse a company, and even separate a country. This makes a person who can easily control their anger, one of the most powerful persons in the world.

In DCI Level 10, you will learn how to never get upset again, so no more anger!

You would learn that a calm, cool person makes more money in their professional life; achieves a higher positions; and has a wonderful home life.

短短五分钟的愤怒,出口恶言,却让人记得一辈子。愤怒源于心烦。是世界上最具毁灭性的力量,它能摧毁婚姻、家庭、公司甚至整个国家。学会控制自己的愤怒,你就是世界上最有力量的人。在金刚商学院第十阶,你会学到如何不再烦躁-永别愤怒! 一个冷静,沉着的人能获得更好财富与更高职位,同时也拥有美满的家庭