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Eat List Star X Super Farmers Banner Image

Eat List Star X Super Farmers

Saturday, Oct 1, 2016

APS Lifestyle Gallery Singapore, 9 Muthuraman Chetty Rd, Singapore, , Singapore

Join Eat List Star finalists Tim Ong and Charlotte de Drouas as they get together with Cynthea Lam of Super Farmers, to bring you a fun-filled farm-to-table Saturday! Learn how to grow your own food easily and create fast yet deliciously nutritious meals for the whole family.

You will have fun getting your hands dirty - learning to grow and harvest, chatting and laughing, cooking and munching, all within our air-conditioned indoor farm, at the beautiful APS Lifestyle Gallery. 

If you're a busy office warrior or a multi-tasking mom, and would love to include fresh home-grown ingredients in your cooking, this workshop is for you.

Eat List Star, the search for the next big culinary personality in Asia, will air next year on Channel 5. More details at eatliststar.com 


Program details

The workshop will start off with Urban Farmer, Cynthea, teaching you to grow wholesome ingredients right in your own home. You'll also bring home an urban farming kit so that you can get started right away. Then it's over to Tim and Charlotte where they'll teach you some great, easy recipes to whip up at home, using the ingredients from our indoor farm. Come and immerse in the urban farm-to-table experience, with lots of dishes to sample. 





Charlotte de Drouas

Singaporean Charlotte de Drouas is a nutritionist and a self-taught cook with a fierce passion for food. Calling her cooking philosophy “fusion, experimental, recalcitrant” – she hopes to combine all her foodie passions if she emerges at the top of Eat List Star. This includes generating solutions to reduce food waste as well as to increase food availability to those in need.


Tim Ong

Tim’s first memories in the kitchen involve cooking hearty curries alongside his father. Upon completing his degree, Tim went on to train in classic French cuisine and took on his first head chef role at age 23. These days, the 27-year-old Australian based in Singapore devotes his skills and passions to inspiring kids to cook, through summer camp programmes with Camp Asia. 



Cynthea Lam

Cynthea Lam is the founder of Super Farmers, an urban gardening company that conducts urban gardening workshops and creates plant installations for events and transforms gardens for homes and offices. A mother of two, Cynthea is constantly seeking plant-based ways of living for her family. She is passionate about Singapore's food security and Singaporeans' health, and goes by this mantra, "Only fill precious stomach space with wholesome yet delicious food".