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I HEART Pink Conference

Love Redefined

28 May 2016 (Sat), 2pm – 6pm
29 May 2016 (Sun), 10am – 12noon

CPBC Life Centre (#04-133), 18 Boon Lay Way, Singapore, Tradehub21, Singapore

Christians are taught to unconditionally love people from all walks of life, including the same-sex attracted. However in the past, the Church in her zeal has neglected to demonstrate this love and, as a result, been labeled homophobic. This conference aims to redefine unconditional love as we know it and to equip the participant (Christian or otherwise) with insights and understanding on how to love, care and accept all peoples, especially those who are LGBT persons.

Topics include:

  • Does the Bible Really Say That?
  • My Friend is Gay!
  • Is the Church Really a Safe Place?


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Speaker Profiles available here.


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