Industry Day - Innovative Solutions to Energy and Water

Friday, Nov 28, 2014, 08:30 am
1 CREATE Way, 2F CREATE Tower, Singapore 138602 Singapore

Poster Presentations


Prof. Ibrahim ABDULHALIM - BGU


Ibrahim ABDULHALIM is a professor in Electrooptic Engineering at Ben Gurion University.  He worked in academic institutions and companies such as the OCSC in UC at Boulder, the ORC at Southampton University, the Thin Films Center of the University of Western Scotland, in KLA-Tencor, Nova and GWS Photonics, His current research involve: LC devices, nanophotonics for biosensing, optical imaging techniques.  Published 180 articles, 2 books and 15 patents.  He is a fellow of IoP and SPIE and an associate editor for the Journal of NanoPhotonics.


Optical biosensor with Low Detection Limit and Low Power Consumption for Water Pollution Control

PI: Prof. Ibrahim ABDULHALIM - BGU

Collaborators: NTU - Assistant Prof. LI Shuzhou, Assocate Prof. LEE Pooi See, Assistant Prof. HUO Fengwei 

Using carefully designed plasmonic and photonic substrates and unique reading methodology, a group of miniature optical biosensors are being developed with ultralow detection limit.  The different concepts involve the following:

  1. Plasmonic substrate with improved penetration depth for detecting large bioentities such as bacteria in water.
  2. LED or LD based biosensor combined with camera, fast algorithm, and piezoelectric micropump allows miniaturization, multiple channel sensing, and low power consumption.
  3. Self-referenced grating based optical biosensors with ease of fabrication methodology in large areas.
  4. SERS and SEF substrates with ultra-large enhancement factors allowing ultra-low detection limit.
  5. An integrated multi-modal optical biosensing system that includes several of the technologies mentioned above in one platform, thus increasing the reliability.