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KIDS IN WONDERLAND - 25th November 2017 Banner Image

KIDS IN WONDERLAND - 25th November 2017

Embark on a magical journey with Kids in Wonderland

Saturday, Nov 25, 2017 -

9 Tampines Grande, Level 2 Hitachi Square, S(528735) Singapore

#Adult and children both required ticket.

A message from the Queen of Hearts,

You have been invited to Wonderland to witness the first official visit of The Queen of Hearts to the Mad Hatter’s table. Join Alice and friends as they invite the Queen of Hearts to tea and learn that it is completely acceptable to be yourself.
This play teaches children the importance of friendship and personality.

Note: Kids in Wonderland is a 45min children’s play, there will be no food provided, however you can buy milkshakes and delightfully themed Wonderland drinks from The Queen’s Cafe after the show.

Come 30mins before your booked timing for pre-show activities and to ensure good seating although seating is unplanned and is totally and absolutely on a first come first serve basis.

Before going down the rabbit hole, you and your tiny friends will be required to go through a security check. You will need to wear mismatched socks and pledge your true heartedness at the door by repeating the phrase “long live the queen, Ka-Ka-Ka”.

Do make certain that all members of your party receives this information, especially the children.

For your enlightenment, do note that each show will house no more than 100 attendees.

Venue is at 9 Tampines Grande, Level 2 Hitachi Square, S(528735)

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