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Mandarin Course Singapore: Free Trial lesson

Interested to learn Mandarin with us? Come and try our course!

Thursday, Jun 9, 2016, 07:00 pm - 08:00 pm

7a Trengganu Street Singapore, 7 Trengganu St, Singapore 058461, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

Perhaps you have been looking for a Mandarin course in Singapore for a while. And you're just not sure which course is right for you. We understand your dilemma. How to make an informed decision?

Pretty much every school, including us, will ask you to make full payment before joining the course. We need to do that, because we have commitments to keep to our teachers as well. But as a student, it's hard to sign up for something you haven't experienced yet.

Additionally, Chinese courses at Yi Mandarin are certainly not the cheapest in Singapore. We believe in working only with experienced teachers in small group settings, because we see how our students benefit from the personalised experience. This emphasis on quality comes at a price as well.

So, come and experience first-hand what it's like to learn Mandarin with us. Sign up for our no-obligation, free trial class! Just leave your details here.

Students at Yi Mandarin

Here's what our students have to say:

Linda di Virgilio

Ms Wang lao shi has been an excellent and patient teacher always ready to answer to questions and give clarifications. I can definitely can put some sentences together and practice. This is an interesting 2nd great language! Xie Xie!


The curriculum was well planned and organised. The vocabulary for an entry level class was sufficient and focused. I enjoyed learning at a pace that was not overly challenging or demanding of my time. This course is very adequate for those with busy work schedules.

John Rae Carlos

I always look forward to my Thursday evening Conversational level 1 classes. The small size of the group made it easier to learn, and the teacher was always open to answer any of our questions. I wish we had more chances though to have conversation in Mandarin during class, instead of just reading out of the book.


It was a good experience to study Mandarin here. The level 2 course with our trainer provided good amount of knowledge on various concepts and grammar. Will surely continue with Level 3 in this class!


The course has been very useful for me and gave me a lot of self-confidence in speaking Mandarin. My trainer was always kind and very well prepared. She was always patient and made me learn from my mistakes. I would advise Yi Mandarin to every foreigner who wants to learn this difficult but beautiful language!


A great start to learn Mandarin. Enjoyed conversations and deep cultural and language curiosities. As a beginner it was very hard to start learning but thanks to our Trainer, I was able to grasp and understand the important points about sentence and pronunciation in Mandarin

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