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Murli Ravi - Emerging Trends: The Rise, Opportunities, and Challenges of B2B Technology in Asia

Monday, Jun 28, 2021, 12:30 pm

About Makan For Hope Festival 2021

#Makanforhope Festival 2021 is a dynamic series of 30 virtual intimate roundtable conversations happening throughout 24 June – 30 July 2021 within the Asia tech community. ​Our theme for this year is "Seeding Hope for Future Generations".

We are bringing together intellectually curious and like-minded folks for the opportunity to learn from one another and benefit from peer learning. 100% of the proceeds from the event will be donated to Fei Yue, one of Singapore’s largest charity organizations. Thus this is a unique opportunity to grow yourself while giving back at the same time.

Makan For Hope is proudly brought to you by Asia Startup Network.

Background on Host

Singapore is approaching a golden age for B2B Technology and Software as a Service Startups (SAAS). 20 years ago, the Asian technology startup ecosystem was nascent. Now, we have many B2B Tech companies blooming around Asia. These companies are challenged with the obstacle of growing a winning digital strategy, in order to stand out from their increasing competitors. Take a deep dive into the rise, opportunities and challenges of operating as a B2B tech company in Asia – where a good strategy is more complex than just credit card transactions and simple eCommerce.

Come discuss the journey one faces operating within the B2B Tech Ecosystem in Asia with Murli Ravi, co-founder of Tin Men Capital.

Murli Ravi is the Founding Partner of Tin Men Capital. Tin Men Capital is a Singapore-based venture capital fund management company which focuses exclusively in B2B tech companies in SE Asia.

Murli studied engineering on a full scholarship at National University of Singapore, before undertaking his Masters at Nanyang Technological University. He was previously with Temasek Holdings, JAFCO and INSEAD. Murli has been a board member of more than 25 venture-backed firms since 2008 across an array of enterprise tech sectors, countries (Singapore, India, Australia, and the US), and stages (from pre-revenue startups to 2000+ employee firms). His first board roles came just as the global financial crisis began, which was a brutal crash course in the vagaries startups must navigate.

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1. A 90-minute intimate virtual conversation with the host, a shepherd and 9 other attendees for peer learning and networking opportunities

  • There will be a cap of 12 participants in the session, including 1 host and 1 shepherd/facilitator. Thus the maximum number of attendees in the session is 10
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