Nurturing Your Child's Intelligences

Saturday, Jul 19, 2014, 01:30 pm - 03:00 pm
Orchard Parade Hotel Antica Ballroom Singapore

It’s not how intelligent your child is. It’s HOW your child is intelligent.”
Is your child intelligent, but not necessarily exam-smart? Ever wondered in what ways your child is intelligent, and how you can nurture him to his fullest potential?  If your answer is a “Yes”, then come join us at this afternoon tea talk!
The theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI), proposed by Professor Howard Gardner of Harvard University, provides a framework to understand your child’s intelligences and foster their holistic development.  Be prepared to sing, draw, build, reflect, talk, write, analyze, interact and connect with nature, while having fun learning about your children’s intelligences!
This parenting talk will cover the following key areas:

  • Understanding MI
  • Identifying your children’s gifts based on MI
  • Nurturing your children using MI
  • Using your children’s MI profile to enrich their learning experiences

Something for the children

Children are welcomed to join us at this seminar as we've prepared a line-up of entertaining activities such as- meet & greet with mascot, group activities and games! So bring your little ones along and have an enriching afternoon

About Speaker:

Ms Polene Lam

MEd Mgt, BSc, DipEd, LTCL, Member of MENSA

Polene is a MOE-trained educator with over 16 years of experience in various schools, including top independent schools. Personable and inspiring, Polene was a past nominee of the national President Teachers’ Award, Singapore. She has been using the MI approach to support many children in their learning journey, and conducts talks for parents to help them bring out the best in their children. Currently, she runs an educational consultancy and several enrichment centres.
In addition to being a successful ‘edupreneur’, Polene also trains adult student care professionals for the national Workforce Development Agency (WDA) certification as an adjunct lecturer at the Boxhill Institute, Singapore.

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