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Building a Resilient and Rewarding Career

How to navigate through uncertain times and find work that lasts!
Tuesday, Sep 27, 2016, 07:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The pace of change in the business world has accelerated tremendously in the last decade as new business models and technologies disrupted the way we live, work and play. The future of careers will be dramatically different from what we know today. 

How then can we future-proof our careers and navigate successfully in a world of uncertainties and unknowns ahead? How can we find a lasting career that will be truly meaningful and satisfying?

The best way to survive and thrive in our careers is to develop an entrepreneurial mindset in our search for our dream career. That is, you have to treat your career like a startup. The similarities between the two are striking. Career survival today requires thinking and acting like an entrepreneur starting a business, staying nimble and resilient, willing to adapt and change to ever-increasing workplace disruptions.

In this hands-on experiential workshop, you will learn how to plan, launch and manage your career and how you can confidently adapt to the constant-changing needs of the marketplace.


What you will learn?

  • Understand how entrepreneurial thinking works
  • Discover and use your strengths, values and interests
  • Define your purpose and develop a vision for your career
  • Create an adaptable career plan that is aligned with your vision 
  • How to test and implement your new career plan (with case studies)


Who should attend?

  • Youths contemplating their career paths in the future
  • Young adults graduating soon and deciding which company to work for
  • Fresh graduates who have just entered the workforce and desiring to thrive in their careers
  • Professionals transitioning between job roles or companies
  • Stay-homers coming back to the workforce
  • Professionals switching careers
  • Retirees seeking a meaningful second career


What to expect?

The class size is kept small so there is more time to facilitate discussion. You learn best when you are learning from each other. This is not a typical workshop where you absorb head knowledge and walk away without new insights and inspirations. So come prepared to share and help one another. This may be a small investment to make, and a small step to take, but who knows? Your life may just change.

“Resilient people possess thee characteristics — a staunch acceptance of reality; a deep belief, often buttressed by strongly held values, that life is meaningful; and an uncanny ability to improvise. You can bounce back from hardship with just one or two of these qualities, but you will only be truly resilient with all three."
Diana Coutu

"“Your career is your business. It's time for you to manage it as a CEO.”
Dorit Sher

"Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity."
Henry Hartman.


About the Facilitator:

Kenny Lew spent a large part of his career in the Innovation and Enterprise space, both in public and private sectors, where he accumulates a diverse set of skills, knowledge and experience.

In 2012, after suffering from "corporate cancer", he decided to hang up his corporate suit to start his own business and do what he truly loves. His passion lies in entrepreneurship education and career development, where he hopes to equip individuals with the relevant skills, mindset and network to confidently adapt and thrive in a workplace constantly undergoing technological disruptions.

Kenny holds a B.Eng (Civil) from the University of Alberta (Canada) and a Diploma in HR Development from the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). In 2016, he obtained the Advanced Certification for Training and Assessment (ACTA) from Workforce Development Agency (WDA). He is also a certified Jobs and Career Transition Coach.

In his free time, he mentors young adults through Aspire MentorHub, a non-profit initiative.