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SaaS Business Asia Meetup #2: B2B Product Management Edition Banner Image

SaaS Business Asia Meetup #2: B2B Product Management Edition

Thursday, May 12, 2016, 07:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Sequoia Capital Singapore, 6 Battery Road #19-01B, Singapore 049909 Singapore

On our mission to help the SaaS community develop and exchange best practices, we’re now bringing you a meetup on the controversial topic of product management.

Bring along your challenges, curiosities, and lessons learned on the topic, and talk them through with our great speakers from Zendesk, ViSenze, Hubspot and TradeGecko, as well as with the SaaS Business Asia community.


This event is for:

  • SaaS founders and management teams that want to build better products and better internal processes to manage product roadmaps
  • SaaS teams looking to hire Product Managers and have a better understanding of the role
  • Product Managers looking for like-minded people and job opportunities
  • Anyone who would like to talk over a glass of wine or coconut water with the movers and shakers in the local SaaS community





7.00 - 7.30 Welcome drinks & meetup introduction by organisers
7.30 - 7.50 Quiz to get to know the speakers
7.50 - 8.10 Panel with the PMs of Zendesk, TradeGecko and ViSenze
8.10 - 8.30 Q&A session
8.30 - 8.50 Fireside chat with the PM of Hubspot
8.50 - 9.05 Q&A session
9.05 - 9.30 Networking with red wine and coconuts


The talks will touch on:

  • Understanding the various backgrounds a good PM can have
  • 50 shades of products - the difference between different types of products, ranging from dashboards to APIs
  • Best practices in researching what the users want/ need
  • Internal decision making processes for product roadmaps
  • How to run experiments
  • Tales of successes and failures
  • The impact of the SaaS business model on product management


Sounds tempting? Join us on Thursday, 12th May at 7pm, at Sequoia’s office, located at 6 Battery Road, #19-01.

SaaS Business Asia events series are proudly brought to you by Adelina, Florian and Tiang.

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