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7 Dec | Japanese Classy Culture Experience & Cocktail Style Party Banner Image

7 Dec | Japanese Classy Culture Experience & Cocktail Style Party

Invitation to experience Classy Culture of "Urushi" Japan with New Year Celebration

Friday, Dec 7, 2018, 04:00 pm - 07:30 pm

KEYAKI Japanese Restaurant, 4th Floor, Pan Pacific Singapore, シンガポール, 7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore, , Singapore


- The 1st Japan Classy Culture Innovation Fair - 

Innovation to come with Friendship Dialogue


Japan Classy Culture Experience

Join us to enjoy your 5 Senses  with

“Japan” Culture & New Year Celebration




Friday 7 December 16:00-19:00  

 Cultural Experience & Cocktail Style Party 


-    Experience the wonder of  “Urushi/ japan”

-    IKEBANA Flower LIVE Performance   

     by  award-winning IKEBANA Master, Ms. Reito Oizumi  from Japan

- Japanese TEA Experience & Tasting

     by 5th Generation Japanese Tea Master,   MOHEI HONDA 

- Festive Japanese Cuisine including WAGYU Beef  & Japanese Sweets

- SAKE tasting : “IPPIN”  award-winning SAKE &

     Japan’s 1st prize Plum Wine in 2017      

-   Display of Japanese Art & Crafts :  Tradition vs Innovation   

    contents:  subject to change to bring more innovation !


Special Offer for our 1st Classy Culture Innovation Event

        $   86 .00 (SGD)  per person



Dress Code: Smart Casual     



KEYAKI Japanese Restaurant 

 4th Floor, Pan Pacific Singapore,

7 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square Singapore 039595



Reservation & Inquiry



Quick registration 



For Invited Guests and Group Registration

Please contact the organizer.

Email: event@smilebox.jp



Special Performers from Japan


IKEBANA  Flower Artist, Ms. Reito OIZUMI いけばな作家  大泉麗仁

International-award-winning IKEBANA Artist from Japan.

Joined SOGETSU School and studied under the IKEBANA Artist Ms. Reiko TAKENAKA.

Her IKEBANA works have been highly acclaimed in France.

 - Flower Art Award 2016 / Grand Prize, Air France Award, Embassy of France Award

 - Concours International D‘Art Floral De Doue La Fontaine 2017 (France) /

   The Second Highest Prize





JAPANESE Tea Master, Fifth Generation MOHEI HONDA

茶師 五代目 本多茂兵衛 (本多英一)   A cup of tea changes your life”

The 5th Generation MOHEI HONDA is the Japan’s leading Tea Master.  He passionately succeeded the family owned Tea Garden at the foot of Mt. Fuji and  the 5th title of MOHEI from his great-great-grandfather, the 1st Generation MOHEI HONDA (born in 1876).  

- Shizuoka's 100-Tea Organization / Chairman

- Fuji MARUMO Tea Garden Co., Ltd. / CEO

- The World Green Tea Contest 2013 / Grand Gold Medal





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