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7 Dec 16:00-Special Ticket | Japanese Classy Culture Seminar & Networking Party Banner Image

7 Dec 16:00-Special Ticket | Japanese Classy Culture Seminar & Networking Party

Invitation to experience Classy Culture of "Urushi" Japan with New Year Celebration

Friday, Dec 7, 2018, 04:00 pm - 07:00 pm

KEYAKI Japanese Restaurant, 4th Floor, Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore, シンガポール, 7 Raffles Boulevard, シンガポール, , Singapore

Greetings from SmileBox.jp, Tokyo Japan


Are you interested in Japanese Classy Culture ?

Do you like Japanese flower arrangement IKEBANA, Fine Arts, Fine Cuisine, Sake and/or Plum Wine ? 

Are you looking for an Elegant Gathering for this Holiday Season with moderate cost  ?


We SmileBox.jp are happy to host  the Japanese Classy Cultural events in Singapore for this holiday season 2018 in Singapore.

Seating is limited to 30 person only per session to appreciate the elegant atomosphere of the Garden Pavilion in the open air Japanese Garden with Koi Pond.

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日本人もほとんど知らない”漆 Japan” の凄さについて知り、日本のお正月をテーマにいけばな・食・酒などを五感で楽しめるネットワーキングパーティーとなっております。

会場は、5つ星ホテル Pan Pacific Singaporeの4階、日本食レストラン Keyaki(欅)内の日本庭園に佇むガーデンパビリオンで、くつろいでいただくため、各回限定30名となります。




Japan Classy Culture Innovation Event 2018 in Singapore


Invitation to Classy Culture of "Urushi" Japan Seminar

& Networking Party 


五感で楽しむ Japan漆文化とお正月 

Friday, 7 December at 16:00-



Enjoy elegant Japanese New Year Celebration at the Garden Pavilion of 5 star hotel's Japanese Restaurant:      

Use your 5 senses to experience the Japanese Classy Culture of "Urushi", IKEBANA flower, Festive Cuisine, Sake, etc.


■What you could get by joining this event


- Wonder of Japanese high-end material "Urushi" , 90 % of Japanese may not know.


- Close viewing of elegant fresh flower decoration IKEBANA by awards-winning Japanese IKEBANA artist, Ms. Reito Oizumi.

(Demonstration will be held at 16:00 session.)

- Canape style festive dishes including Wagyu Beef at award-winning KEYAKI  Japanese Restaurant of the 5 star hotel, Pan Pacific Singapore, awarded top 1 % prize 2018 by Trip Advisor (R).   


- Tasting of prize-winning Sake & Japan's 1st prize Plum Wine, etc.


Then let’s make network and share how we become innovative by Japanese Classy Culture Experiences!





Friday 7 December 2018

  (1)16:00-18:00   (max. 30 people)

  (2)19:00-21:00   (max. 30 people)


■Venue: KEYAKI (欅) Japanese Restaurant 

4th Floor, Pan Pacific Singapore

7 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore


■Cost:  Please Register by 30 November  

(1) 16:00- session    SGD 85.00 per person   
(2) 19:00- session    SGD 100.00 per person * free flow beer will be served in 19:00 session 


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