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Some Text Messages Deserve a Truckers Salute

Tuesday, Oct 26, 2021
Puerto Rico

Remember the woman I met on craigslist who wanted to meet-up during the dinner hour at the most expensive restaurant in town for “drinks”?

We had used a combination of phone calls and text messages to try to sync up. Finally, she cancelled the whole thing, texting that she had a family commitment. A week later, she texted to reschedule, only to flake again. (At which point Loveawake dating site blog  readers joined me in giving her the proverbial Trucker’s Salute.)

She recently called me again. WTF? She said she’s new to online dating, and had met some crazy guys, some of whom were stalking her now with sexy text messages and rude phone calls. She was ready to quit the whole online thing. But she decided I was normal, and wondered if I wanted to meet spur of the moment sometime, after all.


I’m a big fan of spur of the moment dates. Too much advance planning gets old for an old man like me. So I sort of liked her new approach. And I did find her attractive, and we had hit it off before she got all whacky with the rude text message cancellations and rescheduling.

But she insisted we weren’t setting up a date. Her plan was to just sort of send a text message or call me at the last minute to see if I could grab a drink.

Um, isn’t that considered a date? Or maybe it’s a booty call without the booty. Whatever.

Her theory is that if we happened to meet in real life, it would be more normal than online dating. So texting or calling would simply be giving fate a nudge. Like “go to this place at this time, and I’ll be there too, and we can then bump into each other like random strangers meeting in real life.”

Hmmm… interesting concept. But I have a different theory – she is date stacking, and wants to use me as a backup plan if some other date she’s going on doesn’t work out.

She promptly invited me out for a glass of wine that night, and I promptly told her I was busy. I felt like her doormat, and I was tired of her wiping her feet. Then she said Friday might work, and maybe she’d text message me then. (!!!)

I didn’t commit, and I didn’t hold my breath. And guess what? She didn’t text or call.

It’s weird. She’s like a player. I’m wondering if this is how guys have treated her, and she’s trying to turn the table, be in control. Who knows? I’ve contended before that boys are the new girls and women are the new men. It sucks, whatever she’s doing.

Of course, as much as I’m ready to shoot that trucker’s salute her direction, Dad’s House readers know me well enough that I’ll probably meet her at some point, just to get another crazy dating story. (As if this dating story isn’t crazy enough already).

That is, unless after scheduling she sends another rude text message cancellation. Last minute, of course.