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The Bread Table - Christmas Pies and Stollens


Wednesday, 01 Nov, 2017 - 31 Dec, 2017 (Singapore)

The Bread Table @ Kovan, 1010 Upper Serangoon Road, , , Singapore


The Bread Table is pleased to feature two Christmas favourites that bring cheers to

this holiday season. Whether you are looking for a special gift to appreciate your staff

and business associates or getting something special for your friends and family, we

hope these home-made treats will bring delight to them all.


Dig into one of our home-made country pies. Try the aromatic apple pie, where chunks

of freshly baked farm-picked apples are tucked inside an irresistible buttery flaky

crust. Savour our all-time favourite German Stollens speckled with rum-soaked fruits

and gooey marzipan under crust of walnuts and almonds. The perfect duo for a merry

warm Christmas to one and all.


Sourdough King's Pie

Sourdough crust, luxurious filling and elaborte pie design make our signaure sourdough pie fit for a king, a gastronomic treat for you and your loved ones this christmas and a must try for all fans of hearty homemade pies. Each pie is lavishly graced with 1kg of fruit filling wrapped inside our buttery flaky sourdough crust incorporated with aged cheddar. This festive season, fill your home with the scents of  French cherries, raspberries and firm picked Polish creamy apples blended with warm spices along with almond and walnut streusel.

100% natural, no preservatives artificial flavour and shortening. Click HERE to view sourdough pie making video.

BITS SG 's review click  HERE   "The buttery crust made from their special sourdough starter pairs perfectly well with the sweet and tart apple filling."#bitessg


Savour the German Stollen

These irresistible Golden Walnut Chocolate Stollen and Silver Almond Traditional stollens are a must try for Stollen fans. It is lavishly graced with salted caramel and covered with walnuts.  Every slice of this festive treat has a pleasurable aroma the minute it is taken in - smells of French rich liquored cherries with a blend of warm spices, almonds mazipan, walnut and fresh citrus fragrance to rob you of your senses. It is moist with rich buttery flavour in the bread, consistent texture and not crumbly or chewy, with just the right sweetness balanced with good amount of fruits. There is really no better way to describe this other than to try eating one yourself.


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