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LSS x LawVision: Legal Project Management e-Learning

Monday, Jan 4, 2021 - Thursday, Dec 30, 9999, 03:00 pm
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LSS x LawVision: LPMAware e-Learning
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LSS x LawVision: LPMLaunchPad e-Learning
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[BUNDLE DEAL] LSS x LawVision: LPMAware and LPMLaunchPad e-Learning
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About the Programmes

The Law Society of Singapore has partnered with LawVision LLC to extend the following 2 legal project management (LPM) e-learning programmes.

1. LPMAware™ (approximately 40 minutes)

LPMAware™ introduces the essential elements of LPM, providing legal professionals with a better understanding of how to integrate project management principles, skills, processes and behaviours into their management of legal matters on a day-to-day basis.  The program provides an introduction to project management terminology and approaches used in the legal industry, giving professional staff the tools to communicate in a language that clients use in their businesses.  It is designed around the key elements of LPM, not around a specific LPM framework.  As such, it can be incorporated into any framework, whether your organization has one or not.  It is intended to give all learners a baseline understanding of the key elements of legal project management.  At the end of the program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

LPMAware™ Learning outcomes:

  • Introduction to the essential elements of LPM
  • Enhanced understanding of how to integrate project management principles, skills, processes and behaviors into the management of legal matters
  • Greater awareness of LPM terminology and approaches

2. LPMLaunchPad™ (approximately 3 hours)
Applicable for 3 Private CPD points

LPMLaunchPad™ provides a simple, yet powerful framework for applying LPM techniques and approaches to your legal matters immediately and building more effective budgets.  You learn using a case study based on actual legal matters.

LPMLaunchPad™ provides:

  • An understanding of all of the key legal project management concepts and how to talk to your clients credibly about them;
  • Examples of how legal departments and law firms are implementing LPM for different types of practice areas;
  • A skills-based approach to learning the fundamental LPM techniques such as stakeholder analysis, scoping of work, project plans and budgets, managing scope changes and conducting end-of-matter debriefs;

The primary elements of the programme include:

  • Upfront discussion of client’s objectives/expectations – including ensuring the firm and client are on the “same page” and that all members of the legal team understand these;
  • Understanding the key decision-makers in the client who can affect the legal outcomes and success of a matter;
  • Detailed “scoping” of work
  • Breaking down the work into component parts to develop more accurate budgets and to be able to manage the work and the legal team efficiently and effectively;
  • Understanding how budgets are developed
  • More active management of the matter throughout, including task assignment and monitoring assignment completion;
  • Dealing with scope changes throughout a matter; and
  • End of matter debriefing/lessons learned.

Upon completion of the online e-learning portion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from The Law Society of Singapore. 

For LPMLaunchPad™ only, please note that:

  1. There is an additional fee should you request for certification from LawVision and choose to submit the final project. For more details on full certification, please contact <>.
  2. Participants who complete the LPMLaunchPad™ online learning programme in full (i.e. achieve a 100% score on the Course Progress marker on the Progress tab in the system) may obtain 3 Private CPD Points for the CPD Year in which they completed the programme, and may update their ePortfolio records (accessible at with the points obtained upon completion of the programme.

On-demand e-Learning Details:
120-day access period (from day of registration confirmation) or until 30 December 2022, whichever is earlier.

The course teachers are:

  • Susan Raridon Lambreth – Principal with LawVision and the founder of the LPM Institute.
  • Carla Landry – Senior Consultant with LawVision

For more information on LPM please click here.

For other CPD events, please visit the LawSoc CPD Portal.

To Note:

  • Purchase of either programme or the bundle will give you a timed access of 120 days (from day of registration confirmation).
  • You can access and complete the on-demand e-learning at any point within the 120 days access period.
  • After receipt of payment, you will receive 2 emails, a confirmation note and a separate email (next calendar day) with your log in details. Please add to your address book.
  • The LSS x LawVision e-Learning programmes are only for members of Law Society and their staff.
  • Upon completion of the e-learning, you will be issued a certificate of completion from The Law Society of Singapore. You may download and save this certificate for your own records. A separate charge will apply for each request of re-issuance and retrieval of certificate(s) after the completion of course, if applicable.
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