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VDC Conference 2019 - test

Beyond Quality to Value: Driving Value, Shaping Culture

Tuesday, Sep 24, 2019 - Wednesday, Sep 25, 2019

Havelock Road, Grand Copthorne Waterfront, Singapore, 392 Havelock Road, Singapore, , Singapore


Organised by Ministry of Health, Singapore


  • The Ministry of Health (MOH) is organising a Value-Driven Care (VDC) Workshop and Conference that brings together healthcare administrators and professionals from all Public Healthcare Institutions to inspire, learn from one another, and drive value improvement work within their respective institutions.


  • The theme of the Workshop and Conference is Beyond Quality to Value: Driving Value, Shaping Culture, to reinforce the strategic importance of shifting towards a value-based healthcare. The Workshop and Conference will provide a platform for international experts to share on their journey, successes and challenges in implementing VDC in other jurisdiction. For the workshop, we seek to equip attendees with the technical toolkit needed to implement and drive value improvement work. Topics to be covered ranges from XXX to YYY.


  • The Workshop and Conference is open to attendees from all public healthcare institutions and will be complimentary.


What to expect:

  • Hear from MOH’s senior management on strategic importance of value-driven care, and funding innovations that complement the delivery of value driven care.
  • Immerse yourself in a workshop that will dive into the technical aspects on implementing and sustaining value-driven care initiatives.
  • Presentations from overseas experts on international experiences in implementing and sustaining value-driven care in other jurisdiction.
  • Poster competition and oral presentations of value improvement projects within our public healthcare institutions.
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded individuals to share best practices, and help inspire your own value improvement initiatives in your respective institutions.
  • Stay tuned, more details to come!


Poster Competition and Oral Presentation

  • This conference is an excellent platform for teams to share experiences and learnings from their value improvement projects, in at least two of the following areas: patient satisfaction, clinical quality and cost reduction.
  • Teams will have the option of submitting a poster or both a poster and an oral presentation, with prizes available for top poster and top presentation.
  • The top 3 abstracts submitted for the oral presentation category will get to present their projects to the attendees at the conference.
  • More details on the submission process, and call for abstract will be made known soon.
  • Interested teams may wish to start work on developing an abstract for submission.


Who should attend?

  • Healthcare administrators and professionals who are leading or involved in value improvement programmes within your institutions:
    • Clinicians
    • Care coordination officers
    • Data analysts
    • Finance officers
    • Nursing leadership
    • Pharmacists
    • Quality and Value officers


How to register?

  • Stay Tuned! More details on registration will be provided soon.