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我. 董. 你分享会 Banner Image

我. 董. 你分享会

Sunday, Jun 30, 2019, 03:00 pm - 05:00 pm

Stephen Riady Auditorium @NTUC, Singapore, 1 Marina Boulevard, Singapore, , Singapore

资讯节目《我. 董. 你》由知名新闻主播和时事节目主持人董素华带领观众走入知名人士的内心世界。董素华一改她以往新闻主播的严肃形象,与受访者以轻松但具深度的聊天方式谈观众深感兴趣的课题,同时亲身体验受访者的生活和工作。受访者都是各自领域的佼佼者,包括新加坡时政网红mrbrown,公认多才多艺的剧场创作人吴文德,20多年前率先将四川菜引入新加坡的黄玮玲,将娘惹文化带到中国的电视剧编剧洪荣狄,和到台湾实地采访全球知名度最高的中餐馆之一鼎泰丰的一把手杨纪华。





Be my Guest, an interview show helmed by established news and current affairs presenter Ms Tung Soo Hua, will give you insights to people who are movers and shakers in their own fields, like entrepreneurs, renowned artistes and influencer. This 5-episode series, positioned as an infotainment programme, will see Soo Hua visiting her guests to find out more of their work and lives, and interacting with them in an intimate and light-hearted manner.

Join us at this exclusive sharing session, and meet presenter Ms Tung Soon Hua, along with special guests, celebrity influencer mrbrown and award winning TV scriptwriter, Ang Eng Tee! Watch exciting snippets of the TV programme and be part of an interactive and engaging panel discussion.

Each registration is for up to 4 pax. 

Registration during the event will start at 2.30pm. 

Flash NTUC Memebership card after the event to redeem a free sandwich. While stock last.