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Webinar: World Domination by Big Data

A glimpse of how Fortune 500 organisations realise big profits with big data
Wednesday, Apr 29, 2020, 07:00 pm - 08:30 pm
Blackboard LIVE Stream Singapore Singapore

Please take note of this before you register:

  • This is a LIVE webinar that will be streamed via our Blackboard system
  • This webinar is worth $50, however it is complimentary for all PSB Academy Students and Alumni and no charge will be required upon registration.
  • A $50 workshop fee will only apply to non-PSB Academy students/guests who have registered for this webinar. If you are a non-PSB Academy student/guest, a representative from Student Affairs will be in touch with you to provide you with your payment advice.

In our data-rich society, corporations of all types and sizes recognise the importance of utilising big data to understand their past and shape their future.

With so many businesses today relying heavily on data about their customers, products, processes, inputs and the market, skilled individuals who can extract information and formulate revenue generating insights from data will be the most sought after by employers.

In this eye-opening webinar, you'll gain first-hand industry insights from Jarrod Teo, Chief Data Scientist of Direct Sourcing Solutions (DSS) on:

  • How Machine Learning is used in real projects for an e-commerce company, a Fortune 500 company and a Fortune 100 mobile company
  • Segmenting customers into "Premium", "At-Risk" and "Goners" with the aim to measure their lifetime value
  • Profiling buyers and understanding what factors contribute to a "buyer" or "non-buyer"
  • Knowing what to sell customers next based on their past purchases so that companies can pre-know what to sell to the customers
  • Sharing how Google and Amazon use Machine learning models with real examples relating to YouTube and the Amazon website
  • Real results which impacted companies’ ROI based on the machine learning models deployed
  • Career advice for fresh graduates looking to kickstart a career in business analytics and data science